My name is Jesse and I am a creative person. 

I am photographer who specialises in portraiture and natural light.

I am a musician and composer, I create music for films, documentaries and artworks.

Here is little a snapshot of what I am creating!

Current Focus:

  • A series of 35mm from my journeys on Tokyo, Japan.

  • Assistant Producer for Camera Obscura, a film by Nik Karlin

  • A New music Collaboration with singer Aaron Welsh, titled: Goodnight Sojourner

Up Next:

  • A Series of Art Installations, that include music, physical works and photography.

  • Marrickville Photography Studio Launch - July 2019

2018 Activities:

  • Photography for the recent Jordan Peterson Australian Book Tour

  • BTS: for the First State Super TVC

  • Georges Cameras: “Sydney Portraits Meet 2k18” Finalist

  • “Trust - Film” Released and Composition scored with Nik Karlin

Day to Day:

  • Creative Inspiration - The Artists Way by Julia Cameron:

  • Currently Studying - Maps of Meaning by Jordan Peterson

  • Reading Next - On Writing by Stephen King

  • Recently Watched - Taboo featuring Tom Hardy

  • Discovered Music - Big Red Machine


Last updated: December 2018